Jewelry making kits beginners

You are jewels making fans,and you think it’s difficult to realise them yourself…,don’t wory ! It is just easy look around you and you will find all jewelry making kits for beginners anywhere you look, from wool to stones colorful threads, different pliers, miyuki Perls and you can also use a lot of recycled materials.

What you should know about jewelry making kits:

As we have seen before, DIY jewelries are the best way to make nice and attractive jewels with the cheapest price . And for this you should have perfect kits .

And I think it is not very difficult to find them yourself, you just must finish reading this post and you will be able to choose your perfect kit for your perfect work .

After reading this post you will learn how to choose the perfect kits for your wonders. I realised that it is not difficult to find what you need, just start and go through your desire.

Which kit for which jewel:

first you must choose the jewel you want to make, and then you look around you and you will necessarily find a lot of nice things you can use and then return to this article you will find some help.

So, I will talk about some jewels and what we used to make them.

  1. To make beaded jewels you need :
  • a lot of colorful beads in different sizes and that is not so difficult to find, just go to the nearest mercury or buy them from internet, there are different models of beads : miyuki beads, rocaille beads ” Perls de rocaille “, plastic beads,….. . You also need strong threads and you have a large choice between silken thread, fishing wire, leather yarn, ….and other strong threads.
  • You must have claps, they are an integral part nearly every bracelet and necklace, and here also you have a large selection at low prices in different kinds : barrel , lobster clow, magnetic , …..
  • Jewelry tools ” jewelry pliers ” : and there are three types you should have : Round nose plier which helps to form loops

Cutters : for trimming, smoothing and sizing down components.

Crimpers : for security and professional style.

  • Needles : special for beads ” they are very thin ”
  • A pattern : you always can follow a pattern that you can find on internet or just create them your self, they are helpful to does something right .
  • You also can use drilled white or colorful pearls, petal bead caps, sequins , crystals , buttons, rhinestone buttons, …..

These are the most important kits to make beaded jewels for beginners, and after training you will be capable to use a loom , I will tell you a secret ….. “I did not buy my loom I just did it my self from an old shoe box, two hair brushes and some glue ! ”

Find the right tools for your needs and start making professional artisan pieces you can be proud of .

Best mood for best inspiration :

When ,someone wants to create a wonder he / she must be in his / her mood, because a person in a good mood always create nice things, so you must make your own good mood. For that you should choose the most comfortable place to work at, just take a small corner at home just for you and your kits and choose the most comfortable time for you ….day or night, morning or evening, have a good lightning,and always range your kits in small pieces .

And do not forget a nice cup of tea, coffee or just a hot chocolate to accompany you in your jewelry making adventure

Love your work :

As the proverb says : “do what you love and love what you do ” you always should choose to work something you really love. In our daily life it is a little bit hard, you can not always have the job you dreamed for ! But making jewels is much easier …. You always can choose to do what you prefer with the kits you like and create the most beautiful wonders you wish. When ,someone does something he loves he is going to create the best ever .

For me making jewels is not just a simple hobby or a simple activity to waste time …it is my passion . since my childhood I was charmed by pearls, colorful threads …… And I loved making macrame jewelries that I have learned how to do them in a summer camp .


as we have seen making jewelries yourself is not so difficult as people think ! You just must know what you want to do,choose the perfect jewelry making kits, calm and creative place, and start your work. be always sure of your self that you are the best and you will do the best, and never forget that in all do it yourself works you realize, you can use all sort of materials you find around you, at home or just outside, in the garden, the street or in the forest if you are a lucky person who leaves outside the big cities in the wide nature .

Pssssst , I found a lot of useful things in my uncle’s work shop.

2 thoughts on “Jewelry making kits beginners”

  1. Hi. Great article and you highlighted some key points here. Making your own jewelry carries more weight because it comes of a sentimental value for a loved one more than anything else. buying a jewelry item doesn’t add much value compared to when you make it. Anyway. these are great tips and thank you for sharing this, I try this out soon.

  2. Hello Michael
    It’s a pleasure to know that my article make sense … Yes ,it has always more value when we make a gift ourself.
    Have a nice day

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