Holiday craft diy

SPRING HOLIDAYS !!! Here we are, nice days, a blue sky and a warm sun. Just the perfect atmosphere to create holiday craft diy, just bring all your kits and begin .

Holiday vibes : Spring holidays

when I hear the word HOLIDAY it makes me just feel happy and full of positive vibes, and all right to create my best ever. Holiday craft diy is the perfect way to spend your holidays perfectly . Holidays are the best interval of the year to stand by your self .

The Best ideas for holiday crafts:

It is just simple and not complicated at all, there are many crafts to realize yourself these spring holidays, I will help you to find something interesting to do, my first suggestion is miyuki bead waving bracelet …my favorite activity, easy to realize and very good to do the holidays .

You can also realize a lot of other nice crafts such as home decors or garden decors … Do not forget, it is spring and the gardens are all right to be decorated to receive you so that you enjoy your afternoons and evenings with your family and lovers.

And for that I suggest nice and easy made FLOWER PLANTERS.

How to do it yourself?

It is not just easy !but also very funny, just follow me step by step.

I think that we will begin first with the flower planters, a wonderful idea, nice to do yourself, with your lover, your kids, or just with your small kids hhhhh and because it is spring, a lot of your have old plastic boots “yours or your children ones” that your thought not used next winter!! We will recycle them and make from them nice flower planters for your garden or your balcony,for that we just used to feel them with soil and bring your favorite flowers and plant them in the plastic boots…put them anywhere your like on ground or just fix them at your garden fences.

Boot planters
And know I will show you how to make a miyuki bead bracelet, it is spring so we will use bright colors,and for these craft we need :

  • Colorful miyuki beads
  • A bead slide
  • White thread or any light color”light green, pink ,….”
  • A loom,as I told your before your can buy it, there are looms in wood and plastic one and also in metal, or just do it yourself with an old shoe box and two hair brushes .
  • A fine beading needle.
  • Glue.

To begin we wrap the loom your can use as many rows of wraps your desire depend on to how large your want to make your bracelet.



Bead slide
Then take your planning and just follow it until your finish than your keep looming the thread for a few millimeters without beads put some glue at the two edgings, when dry cut the threads and put your bead slide.and here we are …. Your bracelet is ready .


I wish I am helpful, and your will spend great spring holidays with your diy craft your realized ! Enjoy life and love your family and your self, always be happy and never give up .





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  1. La première étape est bravo
    Soyez optimiste toutes les portes
    Sont ouverte’bonne chance
    Thanks for your greetings

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