Hair accessories for baby girls

Have a baby at home is just wonderful and it is more wonderful when it is a girl !! I love baby girls you can dress them up in many styles. I love mothers who always take care about their daughters and dress them in matching dress with nice hair accessories. Little girls are so nice, sweet and gentle .

All kind of baby hair accessories :

There are many kinds of hair accessories for baby girls so that you will be lost admit all these types. That is why I prefer girls you can find all kind of hair accessories such as hair clips, headbands, hair ties, hair bows and do not forget hair crown !

Baby hair bandBaby hair clips

Hair bow

The perfect accessory for the cutest look :

As a woman we like making make every thing looks perfect and especially our children, and a girl is our mirror we consiste making make from her the most beautiful princess ever . And making help you I will show you some nice looks making follow :

First look :

Baby wedding style

a nice wedding style for your baby girl just fresh and so cute, always choose nice soft dresses for your baby so that she is always comfortable , especially in summer when it is too hot and humid , and here we accompanied these smooth dress with a nice pink headband decorated with flowers made of ribbons .

Second look :

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Spring look

A nice spring look for your daughter, wonderful ballerina and a nice skirt with a gorgeous leather jacket, all in a nice marina blue,and making finish the look crown your princess with a well-matched hair tie .

Third look :

A crowne for your princesse

Crowns are the right hair accessory making make the perfect look , they are fashionable today not just for baby girls but also for older one and for women , they give a fresh look. And you can find several kinds of hair crowns, natural one made of true flowers, crowns made of nice colorful ribbons and a lot of other wonderful kinds .

How making make a baby head tie DIY :

Fabric hair ties will never go out of fashion cute easy making make and very easy making match with most outfits. To do them yourself we need :
Fabric ” here you can choose between several kinds of fabrics and different colors you like ”

We need scissors, a needle and wire and if you have a sewing machine it will be more easy making do .

We also need a meter .

The sizes are : 3_12 months =>130 cm x14 cm

Toddlers 1_3 years =>160 cm x 14 cm

Child 4years _ adult =>170 cm x 14 cm

Let’s start : First cut the strips making the correct size, bend the entire strip in half take your scissors and cut the ends at an angle, so that the ends of them are in opposite .

Then fold the length in making thirds and mark one of them “the third ” folds with a pin .

Start sewing at one end from the fold side, sew along the selvage side with 1/2 a cm seam allowance, when you get making pin marking ” the third ” back stitch , lift the needle and foot and leave an opening that is about 5 cm, then continue making sew the rest of the head tie .

Use your fingers and push the pointed ends of the head tie back in through the opening you left. Then sewing up the little opening.

Finally press them and Youhouuuuu your head tie is ready !!!

Baby hair care basics :

To use all these nice baby hair accessories we should take care of his hair making not be the cause

Like so many things baby related new born hair, is impredicable, whether your baby is bald or bushy depends upon a mix of genetics, ethnicity and hormones. But no matter how looks your child, his hair will likely change during the first year .

However your baby’s hair looks when it grows in, it will be finer and more fragile than yours, so follow these tress tips making prevent it from getting too dry or damaged : Shower time

_ wash as needed : babies under 6 months produce less oil on their scalps, so there is no need making shampoo more than two times a week and just one if your baby has an africo american hair. Once your child is older, shampoo it more often .

_ use a spray detengler and a baby friendly conditioner after his shampoo and spritz just the ends, not the scalp .

A child is a tresor and a gift from Allah , so we must take care of him and always ensure that they are happy and nothing makes him disturb

.Happy baby

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  1. What a great article! I have a baby boy right now, I should hope that my second child is a girl because I would love to make accessories for her and dress her up like a doll. I can only imagine what joy it is to have a baby girl. Is it okay for baby girls to have necklace and jewelry or it is not safe? I was wondering because my friend has baby girl and I wanted to make a necklace for her.

  2. Hello Sophia,it’s a great pleasure to know that my article is helpful ,I received your message just you sent it but I had a probleme with my site and the internet conection so I wrote you but I couldn’t sent it !!! I am truly sorry…
    About your question : yes ,it’s a very good idea to make a necklace for your friend’s daughter and to make it safe just don’t make it too long so that the baby don’t put it in her mouth, and don’t make it too short so that it doesn’t strangle her, and always choose safe kits that don’t hurt the baby.
    Have a nice day

  3. H!!

    I love this article! I enjoyed the read as well as these beautiful baby girl photos. Agree with you that if you have baby girls you can dress them up in many styles. Generally, there are more style and other options for girls than for boys. You can find more hair & other accessories for girls, as well…
    I liked your tips regarding baby hair care.
    Thank you for the valuable info!

  4. This article is just too cute!! Baby girls and little girls of all nationalities are among God’s most beautiful creations. And yes, it is fun for moms (and aunties) to dress them up and accessorize and make them even cuter! I really liked the DIY ideas too. Great article and niche!

  5. J’ai fait un bon changement sur ton site vous pouvez devenir le responsable du ce site avec tout à sa place avec le décoration et les images bon courage et bonne continuation @miry_az 🌷🍁

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