Fun summer ideas

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Summer vibes

It is summer, the perfect season for a lot of us to realize many fun summer ideas, the season is hot, nice and help us to create the best ever.

People choose to take their holiday in summer so that they can enjoy all the days the maximum possible. And there are so many activities to do in summer and a lot of things to do or to change .

Summer is the perfect season of weddings and the best period to travel or just lie on the beach or on the sea side, and there are others who like to re look their house or garden, and people who buy new clothes for the season or just re look their clothes them self.

So let us talk about all this here and later I will write a full post for each article.

Fun summer ideas for :

The beach season :

Time to start packing up your beach bag and bring out your swimming suit and your flip-flops!! Yes, it is summer, hurry up choose a perfect solar cream which fit with your type of skin, your fashion sunglasses and do not forget your hat or a beach umbrella.

Beach or seaside are perfect places to go to and spend a nice journey with your family, friends or just alone. All you need is to well organize your self before your leaving, check out your beach bag and do not forget to take water with you and healthy food… Fast food’s meals are not always healthy and specially in summer. I propose for you fresh tomatoes sandwiches with grilled green peppers and onions, or fresh green salad leaves with tomatoes and some olives, mmmmmmmmm it is perfect.

Summer decorating idea :

In summer people love changing their house decor, to feel more comfortable and give a fresh look at it. After a long season of work and study, changing the house decor give a nice feeling and relax the soul of all the family.

We can always use cheap products or recycled materials to make it, such as old glass bottles or jam glass jars to use as flower vase or to decorate your living room or bedroom by coloring them and adding small lamps in them or putting candles in.

Summer colors

And I think that the perfect way to give a summer look to your interior is by using summer colors in your decors or painting, such as : Powder Pink, Warm Pastel Pink, Coral Pink, Soft Fuchsia, Purple, Corn flower, Baby Blue, Light Aqua, Tinted Blue Green, Cool Beige, Mint and of course do not forget the Soft White which is the perfect color for all time that gives a fresh summer feeling and makes every room looks wider, and it is a color that can never be outdated.

Of course there are many ways to decorate your home, and I will talk about it with more details in my next posts.

Best Wedding season :

summer is the best wedding season for most couples, because of the nice weather then they can celebrate their ceremony outdoor and a lot of their family members and friends can assist to the ceremony because they are on holiday .

To prepare a wedding there is such a long list of things to do, prepare, buy or make, and because it is the big date it should be perfect. Love in the air

A wedding is sacred in all the religions, traditions and communities, it is a union between two souls of for ever, and it makes a new big family by uniting the bride and groom ”s family. And because it is sacred we should make it perfect, and perfect does not mean expensive!! Perfect means that this wedding is unforgettable and all will be satisfied and happy. We can make an expensive ceremony but no-one is satisfied or pleasured! It should be perfect by a good organization from people who love what they do and appreciate it. Ceremonies are different from a country to another but they are similar in many things, in all weddings we have :

  • Guests
  • Food and drinks
  • Music
  • À place where to celebrate the wedding

And for the bride it is the same thing as over the world, she should be the princess of the day !! So, for that she should search for a nice dress or dresses, because there are countries where the bride wears different nice and colorful dresses, and she should look for all the accessories she will wear with her dress /dresses, and she must make her hair so, she should search for a hairdresser and choose the haircut or hair bun she would like to appear in.

Summer food idea :

When we say summer we say :sun, hot weather and little appetite, that is why people look for healthy fresh meals to prepare in this season. And Allah gave us so many kinds of vegetables and fruits that are perfect to create delicious summer meals.

I will suggest you some of them and later in my next posts I will talk about them more and show you how to do them and what are the ingredients we used to do them. Avocado salad

For your outdoor meals to take with you to beach or a mountain walk I suggest you meals that do not be obsolete by the hot weather, such as sandwiches of fresh green salad leaves and green, red and yellow peppers, or an avocado salad with some cherry tomatoes, sweet corn and onion rings of course it should be well flavored with a perfect vinaigrette. There are many ways to make delicious salads from different ingredients you have at home or in your garden.

Summer :

Summer is the perfect season to start a new sweat season of your life and give yourself the rest you need to get perfect for the next social entry. You should take the opportunity and enjoy your summer holidays, relax your mind and body, and do not forget to have fun with your family and friends.

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