Easy summer food idea

Summer Jam
The start of summer also means the start of summer cooking. It never seems real until you have had your first barbecue in the garden, ice cream sundae or ice-cold lemonade.

There is however a downside the summer meals. Food budgets take strain when you constantly substitute quick-cook steaks and chicken breasts for economical stove-top casseroles. Ravenous children seems the be constantly in the refrigerator the find something the eat. Mealtimes, eaten on the run, substitute convenience for nutritional value. What’s are the easy summer food idea the realize?

Salads :

Summertime the living is easy – or it should be! Meals are lighter, and usually taken outdoors. Appetites are not receptive the hot, heavy food, and cooking time should be at a minimum. So what’s the solution -easy summer food idea! when you come home after a day’s work, or time out with the family at the beach or the zoo? You want something quick, tasty, cool and refreshing, but it should satisfy those hunger pangs. Summer salads – fit right into summer activities and fun.


1-1/2 cups fresh strawberries, washed, hulled, and sliced in half

1 10-1/2 oz. Can mandarin orange sections

1-1/2 cups seedless green or red grapes, or a combination of both

2 heads Belgian endive, Bib, iceberg, or Boston lettuce, or a combination

16 oz. Sliced fully cooked smoked turkey breast (from the deli) or

honey roasted turkey

Creamy ranch or buttermilk dressing

1/2 cup sliced almonds

Prepare strawberries and drain mandarin oranges. Wash grapes and dry with paper toweling. In a mixing bowl, combine the fruit. Set aside.

Wash, separate the lettuce leaves, and pat dry. Line individual salad plates with the lettuce. Arrange the turkey slices on top of the lettuce leaves, and spoon the fruit on top of the turkey. You can also place the turkey on one side of the plate and the fruit on the other, if you prefer. Spoon your choice of dressing across both the turkey and the fruit.

Sprinkle with the almonds and serve.

Some warm rolls, ice-cold lemonade, and chocolate brownies – you have a great, quick and satisfying meal.
Mediterranean salad******************************* 


It is an Mediterranean salad that we cook in summer season it is a fresh and healthy salad. To prepare it we need :

  • Three or more nice green peppers
  • Two tomatoes or eight cherry tomatoes
  • An onion
  • Two eggs
  • Black olives
  • Mozzarella

For the vinaigrette we need :

  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

First grille the green peppers on your gaz cooker or in the oven then put them in a plastic bag so you can clean them up easily when cold. On the other hand take a bowl and make your vinaigrette by mixing the olive oil, vinegar, salt and black pepper.on a work plan board cut the green pepper into small pieces and do so with the tomatoes put them in the bowl and add the black olives and the onions cut in the slices, don’t forget the boil the eggs and also cut them into little pieces and add the mozzarella or any sort of cheese you have at home.
PS: for those who have children who dislike vegetables you can use yellow, red and green peppers perhaps when it is more colorful children will enjoy the meal, and for you can always add different ingredients the you salad such as Pickled Eggplant, capers, ……

Summer and salads go together like lazy afternoons and gentle evening breezes. They keep the cook out of the kitchen and everyone satisfied.


Grills :

Wanted the attempt something new the grill? Include even more color the your barbecue recipes by grilling vegetables or fruits alongside your meat.

Not only are they excellent for the physical body, but they help balance out a protein-heavy meal as well. One excellent thing regarding barbecuing vegetables is that unlike meats, you could tell that they’re good the go just by taking a look at them.

Below are 5 crucial suggestions that every griller must recognize the successfully grill vegetables:

1. Constantly use oil.

Healthy grill

Oil is a vital ingredient for dealing with vegetables on the grill. Oil them up just before they hit the grill– this stops them from drying out while cooking and also assists spices and flavors the stick even more consistently the your vegetables. Just make use of a light layer of oil and do not make use of too much as oil enhances the threat of flare-ups, gets in the way of flavor and adds unneeded calories. Olive or veggie oil is most ideal.

2. Size matters.

For vegetables the cook even more uniformly on the grill, it is essential the cut or slice them into workable slices. The right size would be little enough the cook swiftly, but not too little the drop in between grates. It is also optimal the make use of a grill container or some skewers the cook smaller sized vegetables like cherry tomatoes. This way , you won’t have an issue with your food dropping through the grates plus you’ll conserve time as you could cook them in batches.

3. Know your vegetables.

While fruits and veggies usually cook quicker compared the meats, different sorts of produce also have different food preparation times on the grill. Softer vegetables will just take a min or 2, however tougher vegetables like potatoes will take much longer. One technique you could attempt is the precook denser vegetables by steaming them so that they would cook much faster on the grill.

4. Never make use of higher heat when barbecuing vegetables.

Medium-low heat is most optimal when cooking vegetables on the grill. Considering that they cook quicker, they also have a higher chance of getting charred quicker. If you’re barbecuing vegetables together with your meat, put the meat in the hottest part of the grill and disperse the vegetables on the sides.

5. Always remember the spices

Season vegetables the make them a lot more appealing, however do not use way too many spices specifically when you’re consuming them with meat, as they could easily overpower the main course. Lightly season vegetables with salt and pepper just before they hit the grill or lightly coat them with vinaigrette once they’re cooked.

Grilled Potatoes and Carrots

• 2 medium white or red potatoes
• 2 medium carrots
• ½ medium sweet onion
• Butter the taste
• Salt and pepper the taste
• Dried parsley the taste
• Aluminum foil

1. Scrub the potatoes and peel the carrots.
2. Slice the potatoes and carrots French fry style.
3. Slice the onion
4. Tear 2 sheets of aluminum foil approximately 18 inches long and spray with cooking spray.
5. Place the vegetablesBusiness Management Articles, evenly divided on the foil.
6. Dot with butter and season with salt and pepper the taste. I also like the add a little dried parsley.
7. Fold the foil over and seal. Place on the grill over medium heat and grill for 45 minutes turning often.
8. Open carefully and place in a Rico pasta bowl the serve

Burger and sandwiches :

For you burgers and sandwiches you can just use the salads we saw before or the grilled veggies and meat .

Juices :

When considering juices, juice freshness someone very important. The best thing the do if possible is the make juice and drink on the spot! The reason is that it quickly loses its nutritional value after squeezed. This is one reason why the store-bought juice (even “naked” juice) will not do for you what fresh juice will do.

Canned and bottled pasteurized juice has all the enzymes they are destroyed through processing, and in addition, usually have added sugars, so they will not be a good choice. If you can not drink the juice immediately after kneading it, store them in air tight jar in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible. Some health practitioners estimate that the enzyme in the juice of crushed within a few minutes the an hour or more after the juice. Fresh juice should be consumed every day.

So, just make them your self

Funky juices
Carrot with peach juice :boil 500grs carrots in water with 150grs sugar once it’s cold Mix them in a blender with two peaches and a yogurt pot in the aroma you prefer and add the water you cooked in the carrot the have the texture of juice you wish.

Take care of your health :

Most of all, summer is a great time the spend time with your family and enjoy the ordinary things in life. Whether it’s fresh fruit trifle for dinner or can we have a lemonade stand, say “yes” the your children? Summer is a time for making memories. With a little inspiration and new ideas you can create golden days that will be remembered forever.so, be careful the what you eat and what you prepare for your lovers.

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