Holiday craft diy

SPRING HOLIDAYS !!! Here we are, nice days, a blue sky and a warm sun. Just the perfect atmosphere to create holiday craft diy, just bring all your kits and begin .

Holiday vibes : Spring holidays

when I hear the word HOLIDAY it makes me just feel happy and full of positive vibes, and all right to create my best ever. Holiday craft diy is the perfect way to spend your holidays perfectly . Holidays are the best interval of the year to stand by your self .

The Best ideas for holiday crafts:

It is just simple and not complicated at all, there are many crafts to realize yourself these spring holidays, I will help you to find something interesting to do, my first suggestion is miyuki bead waving bracelet …my favorite activity, easy to realize and very good to do the holidays .

You can also realize a lot of other nice crafts such as home decors or garden decors … Do not forget, it is spring and the gardens are all right to be decorated to receive you so that you enjoy your afternoons and evenings with your family and lovers.

And for that I suggest nice and easy made FLOWER PLANTERS.

How to do it yourself?

It is not just easy !but also very funny, just follow me step by step.

I think that we will begin first with the flower planters, a wonderful idea, nice to do yourself, with your lover, your kids, or just with your small kids hhhhh and because it is spring, a lot of your have old plastic boots “yours or your children ones” that your thought not used next winter!! We will recycle them and make from them nice flower planters for your garden or your balcony,for that we just used to feel them with soil and bring your favorite flowers and plant them in the plastic boots…put them anywhere your like on ground or just fix them at your garden fences.

Boot planters
And know I will show you how to make a miyuki bead bracelet, it is spring so we will use bright colors,and for these craft we need :

  • Colorful miyuki beads
  • A bead slide
  • White thread or any light color”light green, pink ,….”
  • A loom,as I told your before your can buy it, there are looms in wood and plastic one and also in metal, or just do it yourself with an old shoe box and two hair brushes .
  • A fine beading needle.
  • Glue.

To begin we wrap the loom your can use as many rows of wraps your desire depend on to how large your want to make your bracelet.



Bead slide
Then take your planning and just follow it until your finish than your keep looming the thread for a few millimeters without beads put some glue at the two edgings, when dry cut the threads and put your bead slide.and here we are …. Your bracelet is ready .


I wish I am helpful, and your will spend great spring holidays with your diy craft your realized ! Enjoy life and love your family and your self, always be happy and never give up .





Jewelry making kits beginners

You are jewels making fans,and you think it’s difficult to realise them yourself…,don’t wory ! It is just easy look around you and you will find all jewelry making kits for beginners anywhere you look, from wool to stones colorful threads, different pliers, miyuki Perls and you can also use a lot of recycled materials.

What you should know about jewelry making kits:

As we have seen before, DIY jewelries are the best way to make nice and attractive jewels with the cheapest price . And for this you should have perfect kits .

And I think it is not very difficult to find them yourself, you just must finish reading this post and you will be able to choose your perfect kit for your perfect work .

After reading this post you will learn how to choose the perfect kits for your wonders. I realised that it is not difficult to find what you need, just start and go through your desire.

Which kit for which jewel:

first you must choose the jewel you want to make, and then you look around you and you will necessarily find a lot of nice things you can use and then return to this article you will find some help.

So, I will talk about some jewels and what we used to make them.

  1. To make beaded jewels you need :
  • a lot of colorful beads in different sizes and that is not so difficult to find, just go to the nearest mercury or buy them from internet, there are different models of beads : miyuki beads, rocaille beads ” Perls de rocaille “, plastic beads,….. . You also need strong threads and you have a large choice between silken thread, fishing wire, leather yarn, ….and other strong threads.
  • You must have claps, they are an integral part nearly every bracelet and necklace, and here also you have a large selection at low prices in different kinds : barrel , lobster clow, magnetic , …..
  • Jewelry tools ” jewelry pliers ” : and there are three types you should have : Round nose plier which helps to form loops

Cutters : for trimming, smoothing and sizing down components.

Crimpers : for security and professional style.

  • Needles : special for beads ” they are very thin ”
  • A pattern : you always can follow a pattern that you can find on internet or just create them your self, they are helpful to does something right .
  • You also can use drilled white or colorful pearls, petal bead caps, sequins , crystals , buttons, rhinestone buttons, …..

These are the most important kits to make beaded jewels for beginners, and after training you will be capable to use a loom , I will tell you a secret ….. “I did not buy my loom I just did it my self from an old shoe box, two hair brushes and some glue ! ”

Find the right tools for your needs and start making professional artisan pieces you can be proud of .

Best mood for best inspiration :

When ,someone wants to create a wonder he / she must be in his / her mood, because a person in a good mood always create nice things, so you must make your own good mood. For that you should choose the most comfortable place to work at, just take a small corner at home just for you and your kits and choose the most comfortable time for you ….day or night, morning or evening, have a good lightning,and always range your kits in small pieces .

And do not forget a nice cup of tea, coffee or just a hot chocolate to accompany you in your jewelry making adventure

Love your work :

As the proverb says : “do what you love and love what you do ” you always should choose to work something you really love. In our daily life it is a little bit hard, you can not always have the job you dreamed for ! But making jewels is much easier …. You always can choose to do what you prefer with the kits you like and create the most beautiful wonders you wish. When ,someone does something he loves he is going to create the best ever .

For me making jewels is not just a simple hobby or a simple activity to waste time …it is my passion . since my childhood I was charmed by pearls, colorful threads …… And I loved making macrame jewelries that I have learned how to do them in a summer camp .


as we have seen making jewelries yourself is not so difficult as people think ! You just must know what you want to do,choose the perfect jewelry making kits, calm and creative place, and start your work. be always sure of your self that you are the best and you will do the best, and never forget that in all do it yourself works you realize, you can use all sort of materials you find around you, at home or just outside, in the garden, the street or in the forest if you are a lucky person who leaves outside the big cities in the wide nature .

Pssssst , I found a lot of useful things in my uncle’s work shop.

Women fashion jewelry accessories..Do it your self

Every woman likes to be nice with a unique touch, and women fashion jewelry accessories make it live.when it comes to accessories for ladies, the list might just be never ending .be it a traditional or modern woman for each one of them wearing accessories is a part of their stylish personality.

To be nice doesn’t mean wearing expensive cloth and golden necklaces or big rings with precious stones…beauty is in small details that women add to them daily look.

And I think that you are like all women an expert in making your look wonderful with simple accessories, that you can make your self.


Different accessories for wonderful looks:

As a woman, wearing fashion jewelry accessories make me feel happy ,yes happy.when a woman is comfortable in her look she is happy and make every one around her feel happy.

There are different accessories that make wonderful looks like :hats, gloves,scarfs,earings,braclets…….etc.You can just wear a nice handmade necklace, and you’ll have a unique touch in your daily look.

Many women don’t know how to make their look interesting, and they simply don’t want to follow fashion and buy all the time new expensive cloths,so I think that they can simply add a fashion touch to their look by wearing some unique jewels.

And if they do it them self it will be much more interesting.

Why wearing accessories ? :

Because Women fashion accessories add a personal touch to any cloth you wear as simple it was… .You can make a natural look much more attractive with adding some jewels they must not be expensive one,you can make them your self with cheap until.

But you must be careful to don’t make your look strange by wearing a lot of jewels or something that is not in line with what you,be careful to what you wear with what.

Simple useful to make wonders:

I think that making our own accessories is just fun for all lovers of the manual work , and if you are one it will be amazing !!!

And for that you do not need expensive or complicated until,just little one such as:

  • Colorful embroidery thread
  • A pair of scissors
  • Embroidery needles
  • Sequins , cristals , buttons….

You can also use:

  • Small brass hex nuts
  • Drilled white pearls
  • Small petal bead cops
  • Round nose pliers
  • A pair of wire cutter
  • Chain nose pliers

and a lot of other nice wonders that you can use to make great things.such as colorful piles of wool and a hook to crochet nice scarfs, caps and gloves.that you can wear to make your look nice or you simply offer your work as a gift for your children,parents or just a lovely friend.

How to do it:

It’s simple, just follow me and you will be just impressed. I will show you how to make an Ombré Stone Bracelet .

What may seem difficult, tedious and complicated is actually relatively straight forward with the right resources this ombré gemstone bracelet is the perfect example. Hope you enjoy it and most of all,I hope you will attempt make it.

You need:

  • a strand of 3mm gemstone rondelles
  • Two 4mm brass end caps
  • 8-10 inches of brass chain
  • Four 4mm jump rings
  • Spring ring clasp
  • A pair of pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Flexible beading wire
  • E6000 “glue”
  • Tooth picks

Start by cutting of 12 inches of flexible beading wire. Tie a double knot at the end and start string on the ombré rondelles. Place over your wrist to gauge the desired length,which should be about 2-3 inches. Close with another double knot and trim the ends .

Squeeze a small drop of glue on to the tip of a wooden toothpick and feel each end cap with it.Cover both ends of the strand of stones allow drying for at least an hour.

Use pliers to attach a jump ring to each end cap. Attach about 2 inches of chain to each side, measure around the wrist for fit and trim any excess chain.with jump rings,attach a spring ring clasp to one end and a closed jump ring to the other.

And that is how you make a gemstone bracelet.

Pile ‘ em on !


To make your own accessories you must not be an expert,just be a lover is enough.

So choose the right time to do the right thing…And do not waste time wondering what to do and how ?! Just follow that simple instructions I gave you in the last topic,and improvise a little bit…. I know you are capable to make wonders.

I think that the special feeling of making your own accessories is just cool…when you make your own bracelet or necklace with nice until ,or when you take a sit in your favorite sofa with a nice pile of wool in your favorite colors.with a hot cup of tea or coffee and the cold season is coming….it’s just splendid.

Ah…. I just can not wait to finish this blog and join my piles hhhhhhhhhh….